Before making renovations, many homeowners ask themselves if the changes will increase the value of their property. In this blog, we will be looking at one renovation in particular – external wall insulation.

External wall insulation, or EWI, is a layered insulation system that is applied to the outside of a property to increase its thermal efficiency, among other benefits.

If you are considering having EWI installed on your property then there’s good news – external wall insulation does have the potential to increase your house value. Here are a few reasons why.

EWI will improve the visual appearance and kerb appeal of your property

One reason that external wall insulation can increase your house value is because it can improve the visual appearance of your property. The outer layer of EWI is finished with your choice of render in a range of different textures and then painted, which can drastically improve the look of your house. If your walls previously were looking dated or worn, EWI will improve the kerb appeal of your property, adding to its resale value.

Better insulation will also improve your home’s EPC rating

A home’s energy efficiency is an influencing factor when buying and selling a property. Potential buyers will likely be put off if the property is not efficient, as they will have to spend more money on bills once they have moved in. External wall insulation will make your home much more thermally efficient, resulting in a better Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rating, which you can include in your adverts for the property.

An environmentally friendly home is more desirable to buyers

In a similar vein to the benefits of a good EPC rating, external wall insulation may increase your house value to those who value sustainability. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, potential buyers are much keener to own a home that requires less energy to heat, as it reduces their carbon footprint. External wall insulation is great at keeping warmth inside the property, not just from the heating system but also from heat that is absorbed through the windows from the sun.  

The soundproofing of EWI can also be a bonus for buyers

Another benefit of external wall insulation is the soundproofing and reduced outside noise that it provides. These can be a great bonus for potential buyers, especially those who have young children or work night shifts and need to sleep in the day. For some, the prospect of soundproofing may even be desirable enough to increase the value of your home.


While your house value won’t necessarily increase purely because it has external wall insulation, the many benefits of the renovation such as energy efficiency, kerb appeal and soundproofing are all attractive features for buyers and ones that can be used to increase the asking price.

If you are interested in having external wall insulation installed on your property, then please get in touch with us, and see how we can help.