Energy conservation

One of the most prominent issues our society has to face. Whether you’re a building contractor looking to sell property and achieve Government targets, or a homeowner looking to save money and do your bit for the environment, it is a subject we will have to address. Every square metre of our insulation installed, could save up to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide emissions over the lifetime of the building.

Climate Change is Happening

The effect of which will be a legacy that we leave for our future generations. We all have an obligation to review and reduce our energy consumption and look to the future, to adopt new ways of living to help sustain the environment. As a company we cannot save the world, but we would like to think that we can help in our small way to provide a more energy efficient and sustainable future.

Global Warming Potential

The Earth is heated by the sun and solar radiation will pass through the earth’s atmosphere. This heat is generally lost as infra-red radiation, however infra-red radiation cannot pass back through the atmosphere as easily as solar radiation, and therefore becomes trapped by a number of gases. These gases act like a greenhouse, as in they allow heat to pass through but prevent the heat loss. This is where the “Greenhouse Effect” term has originated from, and without it, it is estimated that the surface temperature of the earth would be approximately 30 degree C cooler.

Unfortunately, over recent years there has been an accumulation of certain greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and this has added to the natural greenhouse effect upon the earth. This means that more infra-red radiation is being trapped and therefore causing Global Warming, or the heating up of the earth. There are no gases within the products we use that would assist in global warming. The manufacturer of the components that make up our systems have an Ozone Depletion Rating of 0 (zero), a Global Warming Rating of 0 (zero), and a BRE Green Guide to Housing Rating of A.