Exeter Scheme

“Exeter Warm and Healthy Park Home Scheme” was created to deliver much needed energy efficiency measures to park home owners in Exeter, Devon.

Measures include: External wall Insulation, Under floor insulation, Loft insulation, Glazing. In many cases the clients are elderly, in ill health and suffering from fuel poverty. The implementation of a grant offered by Exeter City Council have allowed these residents to enhance the thermal efficiency of their homes. This project started in 2017 and was originally designed as a 1 year pilot but due to its continued success, the scheme is still currently running today. Therm-eco EWI Ltd feel very privileged to be able to help improve the energy efficiency of these homes and to be part of the difference it has had on these people’s lives. Therm-eco’s on-going objective is to continue working with National and Local Government to protect and improve the nation’s health and address these inequalities by way of bringing some of the UK’s most vulnerable home owners with inadequate insulation reach substantially higher energy efficiency ratings and reduce fuel bills to a more sustainable level. As a direct result of our on-going work, we have made a significant contribution to reducing incidents of fuel poverty, associated health related conditions, and CO2 emissions. In addition we have increased the energy performance of those properties, whilst reducing the need for maintenance.

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