There are many types of insulation available, such as external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, as well as various types of loft insulation. But, why is insulation so important for your home? In this blog, we’ll be looking at the host of benefits that comes with properly insulating your home.

Keeps your home at the desired temperature all year round

One of the reasons why thermal insulation is so important for your home is that it keeps your home at the desired temperature all year round. A well-insulated home will keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

This is because insulation is a thermal barrier that slows the transfer of heat, preventing the outside temperature from penetrating the home. In the winter, insulation keeps the warmth of your heating system from escaping, and in summer it prevents the hot air outside from getting in.

Saves you money on heating bills

For the reasons outlined above, a well-insulated house also needs little additional heating and cooling. Because the heat transfer is reduced considerably in a well-insulated home, you won’t need to operate your heating or cooling systems as frequently. Conversely, in a poorly insulated home, a central heating system needs to work a lot harder to maintain a temperature if the heat that is generated keeps escaping through the walls or roof.

Reduces damp, mould and condensation

Damp can cause many problems for homeowners – from smaller issues such as having to repaint a wall, to much more serious concerns like structural rot and the potential health hazards of black mould growth. 

One of the most common causes of damp is condensation, which happens when warm, moist air makes contact with a cold surface. In a poorly insulated home, the exterior walls will all be cold surfaces and condensation will be common. With a good insulation system such as external wall insulation (EWI), however, the walls are warm, and condensation is far less likely.

Reduces noise pollution

For those who value peace and quiet in their home, insulation is particularly important. A comprehensive insulation system such as EWI significantly reduces noise pollution, meaning sounds from outside are less likely to disturb you, and the noise from your home is less likely to travel outside too. For those with young children or who work unsociable shifts, this benefit can be reason enough to install better insulation.

A well-insulated home is better for the environment

One final reason why thermal insulation is so important is that it reduces your home’s carbon footprint – a more thermally efficient home is a greener home! With proper insulation, you will need to use your heating system less, meaning you use less energy. By using less energy, you are helping to conserve natural resources as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Hopefully you now understand why insulation is so important for your home. Even if your home already has some form of insulation, with the range of benefits that come with a quality system, it’s worth taking the time to assess if you are in need of an upgrade.

If you are interested in having external wall insulation installed at your property, then please get in touch and see how we can help.



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